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Organise your armies with different files. Quick visualisations of your army with: Name, Armies concerned, Type of Alliance, Number of figurines, Number of points.

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Create your army

With the help of the ALN, you can build your army. To do this, simply follow several steps:
-Choose the type of army to create (Alliances or Legendary Legions)
-Select the factions/party? that will make up your army

Add warbands

To add warbands to your army, simply select your named or unnamed hero, and add him/her to your list (selecting his/her options if necessary).

Add warriors

After choosing your captains, you can directly select your warriors. If necessary, you can choose your base weapon and later change it with a choice of options. Finalise your army with everything at your disposal.

Print your armies

When you participate in tournaments, you will then be asked to send your army list. You can use this site to print your configured list. There are 2 possible formats: a simple TXT format and a format worked with FFTM.

Play with your army!

Although some are fans of good old paper, this site offers for those who want it, the possibility of tracking your points of power and the will and destiny of your heroes. For beginners, you will also have quick access to the details of each figurine in your army, as well as monitoring of demoralization.

Setting up a battle

Another way to use your armies is to create a battle by giving it a name and selecting the scenario (which you can configure later if necessary). This will allow you to face another army, configured by an opponent, using the site or a guest whose army you have created.

Start the battle!

Once the battle is ready, you can start it. This will allow you to have the details of the scenario if you had chosen one, your army list and that of the opponent. Finally, you will have a launch button to activate the start of the battle, but also enter the result of the battle.

Know your opponent!

Once the battle has started, the bonus of the site will be to give you all the information on the opposing army (warbands, follow the power points, willpower, destiny of the heroes), from general information to the details of each figurine.

Public army lists

In order to find inspiration or simply take ideas for beginners, when you create or modify an army, you have the possibility to share your lists. They will then appear in the list of public armies which you can then filter to find what you are looking for.

Public Armies